Smriti makes fun of Rahul...BJP has taught 'Ram naam japna' to Congress Prez..VIDEO

New Delhi, October 6: Union Minister Smriti Irani mocked Congress President Rahul Gandhi for doing "aartis" and chanting Lord Rama's name. The fiery BJP leader called Rahul's "Ram Bhakti" as a victory of BJP. Smriti's jibe came after the Congress  Congress president performed ‘aarti’ during Narmada puja in  Madhya Pradesh.  Speaking to News24, Smriti further mocked Rahul by saying that the Congress president has been forced to visit temples by BJP for “political salvation”.“For Mr Gandhi to say that he is afraid of Hindu terror, for Mr Gandhi and his party to give an affidavit in a court of law saying that Ram did not ever exist, today for him to do 'aartis' & 'Ram naam japna' in itself is a victory of BJP," said Smriti.

The Union minister further alleged that Rahul was fooling  people with his temple visits, and the real motive was to woo "majority votebank".  “From half-baked truths and lies, Rahul Gandhi today has to go for his political salvation into temples. This exercise by him is an attempt to hoodwink people into believing he can be acceptable amongst a majority community that he treated with disdain over years,” Smriti added.Smriti is famous for her attacks on Sonia Gandhi and Rahul.She has often accused the two Congress leaders for failing to develop their own constituencies, claiming that 70 to 80 per cent of houses there are still made of mud."The people in the area had no expectations of its development," she recently said.News24 Bureau