Shyam Joshi's debut film 'Kaluwa' inspired by Lord Krishna

Mumbai:Film maker Shyam Joshi, who is gearing up with his debut "Kaluwa", says its inspired by the biggest love icon - Lord Krishna himself. "The title 'Kaluwa' is inspired by the biggest love icon Lord Krishna. Krishna is called as 'Kaluwa'. My script is about feudal age. Even in today, there are many places in India where the feudal laws are still implemented, where people are still under Thakur's raaj and law and order does not reach to the last man," Joshi said. "The conception of conceiving the script came because of the big void between the entertainment segment and the informative segment in filmmaking. Today 10 to 20 per cent of films are the high-end filmmaking or reality-based filmmaking while 70 to 80 per cent are the generic filmmaking, what predecessors like Subhash Ghai, Mahesh Bhatt, Manmohan Desai... even Raj Kapoor has done. That's why I targeted a flawless love story," he added. Joshi said that "Kaluwa" is a runaway love story where two people by default come together from opposing backgrounds. "The two characters' journey in the film is like a roller-coaster ride. I believe it's very full-proof genre in filmmaking because love-stories are always loaded with a lot of tension, obstacles, and adversities. It's a genuine, Indian ethnical story. "I wanted to make a smooth story so that people do not have to use their brain to decipher. The audience should identify with the film," he added. "Kaluwa" is produced by Arif Khan, under the banner Vaartul Films Pvt. Ltd. and is going on floors by August 28. The romance drama tentatively will be releasing this year-end.