Stepdad never molested me, TV actress' daughter clarifies

Stepdad never molested me, TV actress' daughter clarifies

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, August 13: A popular Television actress' daughter has responded to reports of "molestation" by her stepfather. She says her stepdad never "physically molested" her or "touched inappropriately".

Actress, who became a household name as a K-soap bahu and winning a season of "Bigg Boss", had filed a case against her husband, accusing him of making obscene comments and showing vulgar photos to her daughter, and also slapping her.

The FIR was lodged at Samta Nagar Police Station in Kandivali on Sunday.

In a new development in the matter, actress' daughter has penned a lengthy note on Instagram, shedding light on the matter.

She took to Instagram and thanked everyone who came out in support of her and her family. She then went on to clarify the matter alleging her stepdad making "inappropriate and disturbing remarks", the impact of which is only known to her mother and her.

She shared that she was on multiple occasions a victim of domestic abuse.

She wrote: "The media does not have the facts and they never will. I was on multiple occasions a victim of domestic abuse not my mother, except for the day that the complaint was filed he hadn't hit my mother. As a reader of the news it's often easy to forget that you do not know the truth of what goes on behind closed doors or how much fortitude my mother has shown in both her marriages."

She added, "Words which would question the standing dignity of any woman, which you wouldn't expect to hear from any man, especially not your 'father'."

She concluded by saying that she is a "proud daughter" and that her mother is the "most self sufficient, one who's never required or even had a man provide for her and has always taken the social standing of a 'man' in both the families that we've been a part of".

The actress has had a tumultuous first marriage before this.


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