Shukla defends Pawar for his comments on death threat to PM Modi

New Delhi, June 11: Senior Congress leader Rajeev Shukla has defended NCP supremo Sharad Pawar for his comments on reported death threat to PM Narendra Modi. Shukla said that the issue of PM's security should not be used for political gains. However, he added that there should be no compromise with PM's security.  The senior Congress leader also appreciated the coming together of the opposition parties to dethrone the BJP.  Addressing a party rally in Pune on Sunday, Pawar said: "The BJP has realised that they are losing popular support. In order to gain sympathy, the BJP is now playing the threat letter card. However, I am sure that the people will not fall prey to such tactics."I have spoken to a senior retired police officer who told me that when such letters come they do not go to the media but to security agencies which make sure that adequate security measures are taken."Meanwhile, the BJP on Monday slammed Pawar for raising doubts on the veracity of the death threat letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and dubbed his remarks over the issue a "new low in insensitivity"."If the Prime Minister gets a death threat, the entire country should condemn it in one voice. This country has lost two Prime Ministers. Both were victims of violence. Even though they (Congress and opposition parties) are not understanding the sensitivity," Union Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters here.He said that if a senior leader like Sharad Pawar describes the threat as a ploy to garner sympathy, "it is new low in insensitivity" in politics."This is a serious threat. They have divulged their plan how to kill the Prime Minister... Where he can be attacked, how can a road show be targeted."Rather than questioning those who wrote this letter, they are questioning the letter coming to the fore. The Prime Minister is a keepsake (amaanat) of the nation. Even if a Leader of Opposition gets such death treats, the government takes it seriously."At such times, parties should do politics seriously, he said. "If they do such kind of politics, it is bad for democracy."

News24 Bureau/ IANS