Should you try a vaginal birth after a ceasarian?

There isn't any such notion of a painless childbirth! Regardless of the procedure you endured to have your child, you have to endure the pain and discomfort, either before or after. If you're the many mothers that have had a ceasarian, but didn't like the aftermath of it all - the healing process, the stitches, being unable to bond with your baby right away or just being immobile - you CAN opt for a vaginal birth the second time around. Its actually called a VBAC! 





You can actually predict your labour process, however, here are three things to keep in mind: 


* You labour process should start naturally, so get your lamazze and yoga classes underway so you're baby is well positioned. Also, you shouldn't have had a previous slow or difficult labour.


*  VBACs aren't usually recommended if you have a vertical or T-shaped C-section scars. These types of incisions are more likely to result in uterine rupture. 


*  VBACs aren't successful if you're baby is very large.