Short Film by underpriviledged kids reaches Cannes!

"Delhi Dreams" depicts stories of ambition and aspiration of five underprivileged children -- Roshni, Shikha, Arbaaz, Bharat, Murshed -- hailing from New Delhi. Courtesy Smile Foundation, a leading pan-India development organisation, their dreams have found a platform.The organisation has joined hands with Films without Borders (FWB) -- a UK-based company that educates youth living in difficult situations around the globe -- to host a filmmaking workshop for children with an objective to educate, engage and empower children through cinematic experience. After a rigorous audition, 14 children were selected for portrayal in the movie. 

The children were trained under film professional Jill Samuels and award-winning cinematographer Richard Blanshard, who visited India in November 2017 to conduct this workshop during SIFFCY 2017. The product of the workshop was "Delhi Dreams".

"I am excited that our movie will be screened at the biggest film platform like Cannes. I would like to thank my mentors that have helped us in making this movie. It is not just a movie, it is a dream of every underprivileged child who wants to earn name and fame. We did our best to make this movie and are confident that the audiences will love and support our work," Arbaz said in a statement.The film's journey to Cannes makes Santanu Mishra, Executive Trustee, Smile Foundation and Chairman - SIFFCY, happy.

Here are two reasons, short films are becoming more and more famous: 

* Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter: This is true regardless of whether you’re a writer, filmmaker, or any other kind of content creator. Whether we like it or not, the internet is causing us all to become more easily distracted than we’ve ever been, and that presents a major obstacle for people trying to stand out. Even if you’re immensely talented, it doesn’t matter worth a damn if people turn off or click away from your work in the first 30 seconds.

* Time is valuable, and it needs to be invested wisely: This one is pretty self explanatory. Time, unlike money, is a non-renewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, it’s gone forever. It follows that if you’re serious about becoming an accomplished filmmaker, you probably want to take the most efficient path instead of wasting time on things that won’t have a good return on the investment.