Shopping HaBits Based on Your Personality Types


             When you’re in a shopping spree, you don’t ponder twice about why you made the purchase. You might have to shop for an occasion – a wedding, a birthday, graduation, christening, or so.  However do you realize, that you’re personality type has a lot to do with your spending habits. Your personality consists of your personal opinions, ideas, values and beliefs. They, together, build up on how you react to situations around you. There are three types of personality traits that can affect your shopping habits. Let’s take a look at three of them and how they contribute to your personality types:


                Firstly, the Optimist. If you’re an optimist, then you presume the glass to be half-full.  A lot of optimists are quite conscientiousness, and they do calculate their spendings and usually keep a budget. However, they aren’t uptight about it. They don’t mind taking risks, new challenges, such as purchasing a home or a car, but they make their decisions based on what they think they can manage. Thus they aren’t overboard with their wants.


                Secondly, there are the Conservatives.  If you’re a conservative, you are risk-averse!  Thus you encounter less problems with your finances. For you, having money is like winning the lottery every-day. Thus you might tend to hoard it, probably never realizing the fun you’re missing out on. If you learn to spend wisely rather than miserly, then you can luxuriate yourself with vacations, goods, services which you otherwise won’t.  It isn’t just the fun, you might even resist from investing it any further to make your money grow.

                Thirdly, you’re an Analytic. If you’re analytical, then you’re super detail-oriented. You tend to develop money strategies that are correct to the key.  However, the details can derail you from missing the bigger picture. You forget the sum of all parts, if this is the case then you are going through what we call in finance is an “analysis paralysis”.  The more you delve into details, the more the feeling of uncertainty tends to engulf you.  You become fearful of risks, however, you have to realize that in order to accomplish conclusions, you have to dismantle the barriers of these fears. You have to give proper solutions to your spending problems. You have to realize the value of money well spent.

                Don’t forget that companies have sought out several marketing strategies according to your personality type. Whether they help you by guiding you with your purchases or they trick you into spending money, is your call. Your personality can either make you confident, as in you’re making decisions quickly or pro-active, you’re the interactive type where you like to interact in order to get a good bargain. It all boils down to how you shape your personality through the sails of bargaining and marketing gimmicks to attain safe harbors of success and satisfaction. Shopping much doesn’t always align with shopping wisely, however a little reasoning and introspection can help.