Shocking..Trump will be killed or go mad..needs beating on his feet!

Erbil (Iraq): An Iraqi Kurdish healer claims US President Donald Trump is possessed and says he can cure him by beating him on the soles of his feet.

And unless Trump is cured he will go mad or be assassinated during his first term, the healer was quoting as telling local broadcaster Rudaw on Monday.

"Trump is possessed and I need to beat him on the soles of his feet to get the jinni (evil spirit) out of his body," Mala Ali Kalak told Rudaw in an interview.

In his present state, Trump will not finish his first term as president and and "will either go insane or be killed," said Mala Ali, who claims to get his knowledge and powers from God.

"He has lost his mind and oversteps his boundaries all the time. He needs help. Unless he is cured he will continue to act like he does now," said Mala Ali, who sports a long black beard and wears a white gown with an Arab-style headdress, and is based in a small town outside Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

He says he has cured many people with cancer and HIV, including government officials and has offered to treat Jalal Talabani, Iraq's former president, who has been in poor health since he had a stroke in 2012.

Mala Ali said he believes that Iraq and Syria are occupied by evil spirits and that most Iraqi politicians and many Iraqi officials are possessed by them.

"Jinnis have occupied all of Iraq and Syria and the situation may only get worse," Mala Ali stated.

"Most Iraqi MPs and ministers are possessed and they have come to me and I have thrashed them," he said.

"They are all possessed that is why they can't agree on anything."