Shocking..Model did this live, watch video

Dubai: A Russian model is being criticised for a dramatic photoshoot in which she hangs off a Dubai skyscraper. Viki Odintcova was held by a male assistant's hand as she leans out from the 1000ft building backwards.

The model posted the video and pictures on her Instagram account where she is followed by three million followers. The 22-year-old model wrote: “I still can’t believe I did it. Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty.”

However, many of her fans were unimpressed, describing the act as "reckless". A comment on her post stated. “If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!” While other kept on commenting on how could she disregard her life by performing such acts.

According to Russia Today other critical comments were: “A very bad example for the youth.” “This is so dumb, i have no words for it. Seems like some 11 year olds want to get attention at all costs.” “crazy! looks like god gave you beauty, but seems like he forgot to grace you with a brain”.

The photoshoot took place at the top of Dubai's Cayan Tower, which was at 73 storeys was the world's tallest building when it opened in 2013.