Shocking..Model arrested for prostitution

New Delhi: A young gorgeous model who suddenly went missing and sparked an International search fearing she was trapped in Middle east sex slave, has been found in Jordan working as an escort.

Maria Sazanova, 21, who vanished after telling her mom that she works in a bar in Bahrain.  

Maria was last seen with her friend Viktoria at Bahrain international airport after which both went missing but Russain media reported she was alive and well after being arrested on suspicion of working as a sex worker in Jordan.

Dzhennet Mimun, the modeling agency director for which Maria was working confirmed the news of her arrest. Mimun believed that Maria was fooled into becoming a sex slave possibly by a wealthy Bahrain man who Maria described as her fiance.

He was known to buy her expensive gifts, Mimun said. Mimun further added that Maria had two jobs, she was a model with her agency and she also had a job in burlesque striptease club. Maria worked both in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Maria's mother Iryna Sazonova said that her daughter had been found and everything was fine.

There had been a few concerns that Maria was trapped by a gang of people abducting women to work in the sex industry. The Russian embassy confirmed Maria was deported from Jordan after being arrested for escort services