Shocking..Frustrated Kapil did this to Nani!

Mumbai:Kapil Sharma is a frustrated man. Failing in his efforts to bring Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar back on the show, Kapil has not only given up hope of patch up, but has started taking revenge.  

The trio was the backbone of the show, without them the TRPs of his show are in a freefall. So he tried his best to bring back Sunil Grover (Dr Mashoor Gulati), so that the other two are back too, but he failed. Now, Kapil has decided to vent his anger on Ali (Nani) and Chandan (Chandu Chailwala)


Kapil has now dropped Ali from his show. This is evident from Kapil's Twitter handle. Kapil does not figure on the Twitter followers list of Ali as he has unfollowed him. Chandu may be next on the list. Well, Kapil should realise the unfollowing route is not going to increase the following of his show.