Shocking Video: Vinod Khanna death rumours, Meghalaya BJP observes silence

New Delhi: To call it a faux pas will be an understatement. In a classic case of political over enthusiasm to express grief, BJP members from Meghalaya observed two-minute silence to mourn the ‘death’ of  veteran actor Vinod Khanna, who is undergoing treatment at a Mumbai hospital.

The rumours are going viral after a photo of ill Vinod Khanna has surfaced  on social media.

 This may have prompted the BJP members to do what they did. Media reports say that before start of a meeting  BJP’s David Kharsati asked his party members to hold a two-minute silence to pay respect to the departed soul of the actor.

But as soon as this went viral, party leaders realised that faux pas and apologised. “We wrongly observed two-minute silence and we are extremely sorry about it. We wish Khanna a long life,” Kharsati said. The party then came out with a statement saying that Khanna is responding well to the treatment.

Khanna is a sitting BJP MP from Gurdaspur in Punjab.