Shocking VIDEO: DUPLICATE Ram Rahim in jail, real Baba has run away

New Delhi, Sep 2: Revelations about rapist Ram Rahim continue with every passing hour since the day he was convicted by the CBI court. The latest one being a shocker. Reports, citing video evidence,suggest that the Rahim Rahim who is in jail is a duplicate of original rapist. And, the real ram Rahim escaped even before the judgment was announced, and court proceedings were attended by the duplicate.

        According to reports the original Ram Rahim has escaped to a foreign country. The basis of the report is video of Ram Rahim's birthday celebrations on August 15. In the video Ram rahim is seen with cropped hair and beard, while when 'he' appeared before court 'he' had a fairly long hair and beard. 

The video has gone viral on social media, and the debate on Duplicate and real Ram Rahim has become talk of the town. News24Bureau