Shocking! Salman invites Aishwarya's ENEMY to Bigg Boss 11

New Delhi: As the date of Bigg Boss 11 draws near the curiousity level is soaring with it. Fans are curious to know who all are participating and with every passing day this feeling is reaching its zenith. Every other day the so-called final list of the participants are published by various websites.

But the name of one participant, whose name is supposedly in the final list and the one that we are disclosing will shock you no end. An insider informs that Jhanavi Kapoor will be a part of Bigg Boss 11 this time.  Does the name Jhanavi Kapoor ring a bell? Yes, she is th one who ha made headlines during Abhishek Bachchan's marriage claiming that Bachchan Junior cannot marry once again as he is already married to her.  The source tol a website that the makers wanted to bring in controversial figures who can create a storm. Jhanvi created a furore when she claimed that she was already married to Junior AB. She slit her wrist and grabbed all footage during the wedding, which was one of the most broadcasted ones in India. Jhanvi was a background dancer in Abhishek’s film, Dus.