Shocking.. Randeep does it again on Gurmehar issue!

Applauding a tweet gone wrong for the Bollywood actor  Randeep Hooda after which he has been on the receiving end on the social media or allegedly 'bullying' Gurmehar Kaur - the daughter of an Indian Army martyr.Randeep Hooda found himself being dragged in scourge for applauding a tweet by Virender Sehwag, which saw the cricketer mocking at Gurmehar Kaur's recent post in which she was holding placard read, "Pakistan did not kill my father. War did!"


Reacting to Kaur's post, the cricketer later shared a picture of himself in similar to Kaur's  with a message on a placard that read "I didn't score two triple centuries, my bat did.". After which Randeep Hooda applauded the cricketer. After which social media users bashed both cricketer and the actor referring them as 'bullies' for being insensitive towards the martyr's daughter.

Randeep Hooda was also lashed out by journalist Shekhar Gupta followed by Barkha Dutt.

To clarify all this Randeep took it to Facebook and said he wasn't being insensitive to the daughter of a soldier, who gave his life for the country but further defended himself and said that standing up for Sehwag was not a justification of the violence that broke outside Ramjas College.

His note is as follows:

Don't hang me over a laugh!

Viru cracked a joke and I admit I laughed. Damn! He is so witty and this is one of the other million things he's said that has made me crack up. That was it!

But now, lo and behold, I'm being held responsible for instigating hate threats against a young girl, shockingly by the girl herself. That's absolutely untrue. That was never our intention and our tweets are not the source of all the hate she might be receiving.

She spoke up, she stood for something she believes in, so then, she must also have the courage and fortitude to listen to the voices against it. To point fingers at someone else (in this case me) and hold him responsible for the reactions to her actions is not right. I have absolutely nothing against her and strongly believe that violence is wrong. Threatening a woman with violence is an even more heinous crime and the perpetrators should be brought to task for with the most severe punishment.

 like her video of peace between warring nations. It's noble. But that's not the point of contention, is it? She has the right to protest against what she feels is wrong and it's also Viru's right to make a joke about it. We live in a democracy and enjoy the right to freedom of expression. Accusing us of bullying and trolling the girl is wrong.

She wasn't tagged in his joke nor in my amusement. But some journalists, among others, are trying hard to give this all kinds of colours to malign us and prove their point. They want to attach labels to us to further their agendas. That's bullying and if you think you can bully us, you have another thing coming.

How's the DU violence connected to her appeal against war? How's Viru's wit connected to supporting violence? The point is that it's not, but is very pointedly being manipulated into being so.

This girl's voice is important, but not more important than every other citizen. She is in no way representing all the martyrs and their children. It's her personal opinion and should be taken as such. And it is my personal opinion that people shouldn't fire their guns from young, impressionable shoulders. Students should study, debate and learn from these exchanges. They are the future of our nation and I'm not worried about our future because we have such brave and outspoken youngsters around.

As for being insensitive to a martyr's daughter, let me tell you that six of my classmates have sacrificed their lives for the nation and so have many others, senior and junior to me. Every village in my state has martyrs who have been saluted for more than two centuries. Yes, war is wrong but we didn't start it or persevere with it. We don't back down from protecting our borders even if it takes our loved ones away. How do we deal with it? With ironical humour!

With this, I'd like to end my engagement with this particular topic.

Jai Hind