Shocking! Priyanka INSULTS Indian flag, trolled

New Delhi: This is the biggest example that Priyanka Chopra is now a big international star, because anything she does does not go unnoticed. So on this Independence Day when she posted a picture of hers in a smart jeans and tee and draped herself in a tricolour dupatta she was trolled within minutes. The reason: the pseudo nationalists felt that Priyanka was insulting her national flag by draping it around her neck.


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The trolls went on and on. “Hey show some respect to our country flag ..”, “Priyanka should apologise for this controversial post”, “she is disrespecting India to gain publicity” and “This is not your dupatta stupid, show some respect.” But after a close look it can be seen that she is not at all draping a flag, infact it is tricolour dupatta and many among us wear these shades to express out patriotism; nothing else. 

When some of her fans pointed this out then there erupted a second set of trolls. Now they were complaining that why she was not wearing a sari or a salwar kameez.  Can you evr satisfy your fans?  Not long back Priyanka was trolled for not respecting PM Narendra Modi as, they alleged, she was wearing a small dress. Many months later her mother disclosed the real reason why she went to met the PM in that frock. Not the one to justify her stands, to shock her trollers further Priyanka posted a picture where she was seen posing with her mother where the duo was flaunting their legs.

Priyanks has a string of international projects lined up. SHe will be seen in A Kid Like Jake. She will also be seen in the third season of her hit ABC series, Quantico.