Shocking! Pakistan organises 'Mujra Party' to raise funds for Kashmir

New Delhi, Nov 22: When one is ruled by hatred then one knows no limit and can stoop to any level; and this is exactly what Pakistan is doing. In a shameless act, the president of the Azad Kashmir, Masood Khan, has been seen in a video watching 'mujra' during an event in London.

What's shocking is that at the same event, the Azad Kashmir president lectured the guests on the alleged atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir and even collected funds for the so-called 'Kashmir cause'.

The act of the terror state, which tries to portray itself as a benefactor of Kashmir, to use 'mujra' as a tool to secure funds for Kashmir has left many baffled and amused.

The event in London was organised by an education society – the same event was used by the Azad Kashmir president to rant about alleged Indian atrocities in Kashmir and sought to raise funds for the Kashmiris.

He first lectured on people on the so-called serious issue of Kashmiris' plight and then grooved to sleaze.

This has once again exposed the real face of Pakistan and its support to Kashmiris.

Islamabad has been using Kashmir for political gains for decades and now also to satiate their lust.

It's an ultimate example of sleaze, lies and depravity.

 Pakistan has once again proved that it can stoop to any level no matter how badly its image is affected.