Shocking: More dead cows found in 2 more gaushalas

In a shocking scenario, mass starvation of cows in a shelter run by a BJP leader in Rajpur village of Chhattisgarh’s Durg district witnessed here on Friday. The same horror is visible in two other gaushalas that the BJP leader runs not far away. The Indian Express reported in its Saturday edition the deaths of cows for want of food and water at the Shagun Gaushala, run by the BJP’s Jamul Nagar panchayat vice-president Harish Verma. At least 200 cows had died over the last week, villagers said, and The Indian Express counted 30 fresh carcasses on the gaushala premises.

According to a report in "The Indian Express," On Saturday, the same ghastly scenes of rotting carcasses lying next to weak, hungry cows barely clinging to their lives were seen at Mayuri Gaushala in Rano village and Phulchand Gaushala in Godmarra village, both in Durg.

Verma, who police said was involved in the running of all three cow shelters, was arrested on Friday for “breach of trust and negligence”. He has accused state government agencies of starving the Rajpur gaushala of funds.

At Rano, 15 km from Rajpur, the gates of Mayuri Gaushala were locked from the outside at 11.30 am on Saturday. A lone policeman stood there; there were no government officials or doctors. Inside the shed, at least 15 carcasses lay rotting, and upwards of 200 emaciated cows, their ribs protruding, herded together on a thick bed of dung, urine and sludge. No fodder or source of water was visible. Seeing humans at the gate, the animals stumbled forward expectantly.

Five kilometres away in Godmarra village, inside the slightly larger shed at Phulchand Gaushala, The Sunday Express counted at least 20 carcasses. Many of what appeared to be hundreds of starving cows were crying out plaintively. Like at Mayuri Gaushala, no food or fodder was visible.