Shocking.. Karishma still using Upen Patel!

Mumbai: Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna broke up their relation in the mid of the last year but even now all is not well between ex-lovers. Recent lunch date between  both sparked off rumours of a possible reconciliation, but Upen's Twitter account tells a different story

Just after this lunch date with Karishma, Upen has been posting quotes and images, which expose as a direct reference to his relationship with Karishma Tanna. Which indirectly focus on the wrong done to him when he was in love.

Upen posted an image captioning it, "When it's over, leave. Don't continue watering a dead flower."

And making it much clearer, Upen tagged Karishma Tanna with another image, accusing the actress of using and lying to him. But later deleted it.

Upen didn't stop there and shared another one that suggests his troubled relationship with the Karishma. He went on to tag Karishma in the picture yet again, making his feelings about her clear to the world.

Later Upen shared