Shocking.. DJ Armin van Buuren said this about India!

Mumbai, Dec 17: Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Armin van Buuren, who waved the Indian flag during his performance here, hailed his fans and said he loves India.

On the opening day of the multi-genre indoor concert Comio EVC Mumbai 2017 on Saturday, Armin started his set with "Be in the moment".

He also played some of his hits like "Sunny days" and "I need you".

Delighted to perform for his Indian fans, Armin, who first set foot in India in 2009, said: "When I look at my Facebook and Instagram, all those social media posts, I always see that maximum fans in the world come from this country.

"And I just want you to know... To me personally, every single one of you in this room, makes me feel loved and this is the reason why I do this. Seriously India, I love you. Thank you so much."

During his performance, he also waved the Indian flag and draped it over him.

Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director and CEO, Universal Music Group India and South Asia, said: "Armin Van Buuren has knocked it out of the park with his set and I think all his fans are going to remember this night for a long time. We are ecstatic with the response and can't wait for a smashing second day."

Shoven Shah, Founder, EVC and Director Twisted Entertainment (M) Pvt Ltd, said: "Armin Van Buuren has been a personal favourite for many years now and watching him perform live at EVC is a dream come true. The Electronic Family Stage really brought together all the trance music fans in our region and I couldn't be happier."

On the first day of the event, which will conclude on Sunday, Indian acts like Snowflakes and Get Massive also performed.

Markus Schulz, a popular German-American DJ, won over the crowd with his techno sound, playing remixes of tracks "Fireflies" and "Love song".