Shocking.. Deadly plastic eggs being sold in Kolkata

Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has ordered an investigation into the alleged sale of "artificial eggs" made of "plastic" in the city's markets, the KMC mayor said on Thursday.

Acting on a police complaint by Anita Kumar, who discovered "artificial eggs" once she cracked a couple open, the civic body has asked police and municipal officials to check all municipal markets.

"These eggs are being sold in the Tiljala market. As soon as I got to know about the complaint, I let the police know so that we can carry out checks of all municipal markets. I have also received some documentary evidence," KMC Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said.

According to Anita Kumar, the "fake egg" had a strange "plastic-like quality" when it was spread out on a pan.

"I tested my suspicion by putting a match to it and it caught fire. The shell also looked plastic. I was sure that this was not natural and, being a mother, I felt I should alert the public," Anita said.