Shocking! A Dinosaur found in Uttarakhand?

New Delhi, Nov 21: The fossil of a Dinosaur-like creature has shocked many. Does this mean that Dinosaur inhabited in the Himalayan Ranges. Or does it mean that may be, Dinosaur or something similar to it still lives in the region? Or may be it is not the fossil of the Dinosaur baby and it is of some other creature.    This fossil has become a subject of immense interest to the historians and the scientists alike. The fossil was found during an excavation in Jaspur, a small city 110 km away from Nainital, recently.

Interestingly the place where the fossil has been found belongs to the state electricity department. Around three decades ago a power house used to be there.

The front legs of the discovered figure measure around 29cm and the tail is around 5cm long. The authorities have sent the remains to Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for further investigation.