Shivpal-Akhilesh war far from over: UP CM says ticket distribution right should be mine

Lucknow, Sept 16: Mulayam Singh Yadav's claim of resolving the dispute beween Shivpal Yadav and UP CM Akhilesh Yadav may just be an eyewash to cool down Samajwadi Party workers. Shortly after Mulayam's public announcement Akhilesh punctured Mulayam's claim, saying, " I should have the rights to distribute tickets for the forthcoming assembly election".

The ticket distribution for assembly elections is the root cause of the 'chacha-bhatija' war in the Yadav clan, claim sources close to the Yadav family. Whatever Mulayam may claim, Akhilesh's comment indicates simmering discontent in Akhilesh faction, say the family sources.

When father Mulayam was addressing Samajwadi Party workers, son Akhilesh was participating in a private event. About an hour after Mulayam's claim, at the event Akhilesh said, " Nobody asks what I have lost. Give back what was snatched from me (read state party chief post), I will return the ministries (to Shivpal). Taking a jibe at Shivpal, Akhilesh wen t on hint that his uncle was not a CM material. He said, " I can even sacrifice CM's chair for a suitable candidate".

Hinting at lack of support for him, Akhilesh said, " People at the top are usually lonely".

After saying " there is one person who I will never call uncle", Akhilesh, for the first time publicly admitted that by "outsider" he had meant Amar Singh. He indicated that he wants party to take strict action against Amar Singh. A demand, which Mulayam is believed to have agreed to.

In a sense, he has rejected Mulayam's peace formula, but said, " I will do whatever Netaji (Mulayam) says". He added that he and Mulayam are on the same page on most of the issues. He went on add that Shivpal knows who and why Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal was replaced.

News24 Bureau