`Sharaab bandi' in UP? Yogi orders crackdown on liquor shops

Lucknow: Will UP go the Gujarat way in becoming  a dry state? Difficult to predict, but CM Yogi Adityanath has ordered strict control over opening of liquor shops in the state.


Yogi has issued directions to ensure that liquor shops will be not be allowed within 500 metres of hospitals, educational institutions and religious places. The government also said that no liquor shop will be allowed in residential areas also.

There are reports that liquor shops are shifting to cities after the Sc banned these shops on highways

"If you see a liquor shop in a restricted area, inform the rightful authorities. Do not resort to violence or vandalism. It is not justified by law," government spokesman Shrikant Sharma said.

Sharma warned that whoever opens up a liquor shop in restricted areas, will be prosecuted. He also said that the Yogi government will ensure that the Supreme Court guidelines on liquor ban are followed strictly in the state.