Shame Shame!Rapist Ram Rahim says he is IMPOTENT,plays Asaram trick

New Delhi: The rapists Godmen are also liars. Like Asaram, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh also told the court that he was  "impotent since 1990". This was his dirty trick to escape the rape charges. He is convicted for raping two Sadhvis in Augusta nd September 1999.

During the trial in the CBI court that he  has incapabale of performing sexual intercourse since 1990 and thus there was no way he could have raped sadhvis in 1999. In a statement befor the CBI judge, Gurmeet Singh said that "since 1990, the accused is not medically fit to do sex with anyone", and that he was not potent. His lawyers said that since his virility has not been tested by the prosecution, he should  be given  the benefit of the presumption of innocence.

But a statement by one of Gurmeet's witnesses saved the day for prosecution. The witness had said that Dera boss had two daughters. Based on the this statement, the judge said that Gurmeet Singh's claim has no merit. "This very fact speaks volumes about virility of the accused... at least two daughters have born out of loin of the accused,"  the judge said, rejecting Singh's defence.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim was eventually sentenced to 20 years in jail (10 years each in two rape cases)to be served consecutively.