Shah Rukh Khan insulted by 'Netaji'

New Delhi, Nov 11: The incident is not new as it happened around Diwali, but the video of the incident has become viral now. So for many this is an entirely new story. Jayant Patil, Maharashtra MLC from Alibaug, heckled Shah Rukh Khan for not coming out of his yacht at Alibaug Jetty. Shah Rukh Khan did not come out of his boat because of which netaji's yacht could not move. This made hPatil very angry an he shouted at the superstar with dire consequences.

Says the angry MLC, sounding very upset, "Have you bought entire Alibaug.... have you? Tell me... Have you bought whole of Alibaug.... Just listen to me, without my permission you cannot even enter Alibaug." He further said, "You cannot even enter Alibaug without my permission".

No response has cm from the superstar, but after the MLC rode off, he was seen coming out of the yacht and waving to his fans.