Shah Rukh Khan - Gauri celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary...Check out the wedding album

New Delhi, Oct 25, News24 Bureau: Today is the 27th wedding anniversary of Bollywood's power couple Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan. On October 25, 1991, Shah Rukh and Gauri got married. Let's tell you that their love story is very much alike to Shah Rukh Khan's romantic films.

 Their love story is no less than a blockbuster movie. As we know Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan is also called as King of Romance.

Shah Rukh had a love at first sight with Gauri. Then Gauri was living in Delhi's Panchsheel Park and Shah Rukh in Haujkhas. During that time, Shah Rukh was very thin and Gauri saw him in a play. But till then, Shah Rukh was not in Gauri's heart.

 But Shah Rukh was crazy in love of Gauri.  Shah Rukh, who made romance memorable on the film screen, did not have the courage to propose Gauri for one and a half years. In this condition, Gauri took a step forward to this love story. 

On October 25, 1991, Shahrukh and Gauri got married. The actor was very busy shooting films during that time and there was no time for Shahrukh to go on a honeymoon. 

After marriage, he went to Mumbai with Gauri. Until then, he did not have his own house in Mumbai.

In the early days, Shah Rukh and Gauri stayed in a rented house. Shah Rukh worked in three shifts to come to the place where he is now. In 27-year film career, Shah Rukh Khan has more than 30 super hits. 

Today the actor is known as the King of Bollywood, and Wife Gauri has got the status of Queen. 27 years have passed since the marriage of Shah Rukh and Gauri and now they live in a luxurious bungalow in the Mumbai's Bandra area.

There are boundaries of religion in Shah Rukh's house Mannat. Here humanity is the biggest religion. They celebrate the festival of Diwali and Eid too.