Shah blasts Rahul..Is BJP bigger enemy or Hafiz Saeed,says angry BJP Prez

Ahmedabad, Dec 2: BJP President Amit Shah on Saturday launced a scathing attack on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for his "distasteful" tweet after terrorist Hafiz Saeed was released in Pakistan. In a taunt on PM Narendra Modi, Rahul had tweeted that why PM Modi did not use his good relations with Nawaz Sharif to get Hafiz rearrested. Shah was speaking to News24 Editor-in-Chief Anurradha Prasad during the mega conclave "Gujarat ka Sardar Kaun:Gujarat Manthan". 

"It is a disgrace that Rahul celebrated Hafiz Saeed's release, even if it was a taunt tweet. BJP government had released terrorist Masood Azhar to save lives of over 300 Indians, not for Muslim appeasement. Rahul must answer who is a bigger enemy Hafiz Saeed or BJP," a visibly angry Shah said

A look at other points that Amit Shah made 

- Since 2014 BJP has been able to maintain,increase voter base. So we are confident of 150 seats
- There is no major anti-incumbency against BJP, there is positive vote for BJP because of development work.
- Rahul Gandhi should give just one address where school have been closed
- There is leadership bankruptcy in Congress, so it has outsourced elections to Hardik, Jignesh, Alpesh
-You are talking about young boys of Gujarat, do you know what happened to 2 boys of UP    
- Rahul should give correct facts, at least he should learn this by now. Please pass on this message to him
- Rahul should remember to go to temples even after elections
- Rahul's mother may have problems with Rahul wearing 'jenau'. Why should I have problems?
- I am a pure Hindu
- Politics of appeasement, caste, dynasty is over. PM Modi has brought in politics of development
- Opposition is not my headache. It is Rahul who should worry about it
- BJP is a democratic party, respects opposition 
- Rahul does not know the difference between turnover and profit.
- Rahul does not know that my son's company made a loss. He confused turnover with profit
- Had Rahul travelled to Amethi, instead of Gujarat he would have been able to save his municipality 
- Rahul should remember that all GST proposals were okayed by Congress CMs and finance ministers
- BJP is fighting elections under Vijay Rupani, Nitin Patel. So our state leadership team is clear    
- Congress has been exposed. Patidar and reservation agitation were handiwork of Congress
- Gujarat elections have forced Rahul to take Sardar Patel's name in poll rallies
- Development should not be divided on lines of Hindus and Muslims.
- First right on resources is of poor and not of any religion as suggested by Manmohan Singh
- For defeat parties should blame leadership not EVMs.
Calling me Chanakya is incorrect as the comparison is unfair to the great Chanakya.   
- I appeal to Patidars to vote for us to take the Gujarat Vikas Yatra forward.
- PM Modi is son of Gujarat, why is Congress having problems with this