Sexual fantasy goes wrong, angry model kills hubby

What happens if some intimate session between a couple goes wrong, can it go to a limit of murder? But this is what the reason found former Miss Bulgaria Anita Meyzer was arrested for killing her husband during an intimate bedroom session that went terribly wrong. Anita was found guilty in the death of her 40-year old husband and will be serving three years jail. As per the reports, Anita tied plastic around her husband’s arms.

As per Anita, her husband her husband wanted her to film him flexing his muscles to free himself from the restraints, however, the situation went wrong when she tried to remove the ties around his neck, and plastic noose contracted, even more, strangling him on the massage table. When Police had look on murder spot they found it deeply disturbing.  

But Anita earlier said that she went to the store and after returning she found her husband dead which raised a doubt among the police officers. As per the reports, Anita also tried to destroy the evidence, by trying to get rid of the cable ties but all her attempts, and when she was informed about her arrest she even tried to bribe the officers with 30,000 euros.

The police also seized her handbag with thousands of dollars and passport which hinted of her plan to leave the country soon after the incident. Anita blames solely herself for the entire incident and the death of the person whom she loved the most