Sex determination test be made compulsory to check female foeticide, says Maneka Gandhi

New Delhi: Union Women and Child Welfare Minister Maneka Gandhi on Monday said that the Union government was mulling to lift ban on sex determination test check female foeticide.

"In my personal view, the woman should be compulsorily told that whether it is a boy or girl child whom she is going to give birth. It should be registered to be able to check whether they have given the births or not," the minister said.

While addressing All India Regional Editors Conference in Jaipur on Monday, the cabinet minister said that the government was contemplating to formulate a policy under which pregnant women and their unborn child would be registered. This would help the authorities to keep a track on not only the baby but also the parents.

"I am just putting out this idea. It is being discussed though there is no conclusion yet," she said.

“It is a different way to look at this problem, which could be solved with this idea.”

We cannot keep catching people doing (illegal) ultrasound," she said, while suggesting that arresting such people was not a permanent solution.

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