Seven Indian firms in ISIS supply chain

London: Islamist terror organization Islamic State (IS) is manufacturing sophisticated weapons using components from around the world and seven Indian firms have emerged as one of the top supplier to the militant organization.

According to a report by Armament Research (CAR), 51 companies from 20 countries including Turkey, India, Brazil and the US produced, sold or received the over 700 components used by ISIS to build improvised explosive devices (IEDs). While Turkey topped the list of countries with a total of 13 firms involved in the supply chain, India followed it with seven companies involved.

The European Union funded study that collected IEDs over a period of 20 months from Iraqi and Syrian frontlines said that the Indian companies manufactured most of the detonators, detonating cord and safety fuses. Under Indian law, transfer of this material requires a license.

 Those were all legally exported under government-issued licenses from India to entities in Lebanon and Turkey, CAR report said. The report named companies from Brazil, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, China, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic and said that the terror group mostly uses Nokia 105 mobile phone for remote detonation and The report said that CAR gained access to the components through partners including the US-backed Kurdish YPG in Syria, the Iraqi Federal Police, the Kurdistan Region Security Council and forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

(With agency inputs) News24 Bureau