Serial psycho killer Avinash Srivastava arrested in Bihar

Hajipur: Psycho Killer Avinash Srivastava alias Amit arrested in Vaishali, The accused accepted to committing 20 murders till date. He was arrested in Hajipur where he was present to rob a bank, according to police.

Usually criminals get inspired from movies, but story of Avinash Srivastava has inspired ‘Bollywood’. Avinash, who has worked in one of the  top IT firms  of the country, now has 20 murders to his name.

After completing his MCA from Delhi's prestigious Jamia Milia Islamia university, Avinash was hired to work with Infosys. The young man couldn't have asked for more. It was all going smooth for him until that day in 2002 which changed his life forever. Avinash's father, Lala Sinha alias Lalan Srivastava, a former MLC, was murdered by some goons in Patna's Kankarbagh area.

The techie now had only one agenda in his life - to bring the killers of his father to justice. And he decided to do it in his own murderous way.

After his father's murder, Avinash joined a group of local gangsters in Patna to go after the criminals who killed his father. In 2003, Avinash got hold of noted criminal Moin Khan and sprayed his body with 32 bullets. It is said that Avinash kept on pumping bullets into Khan's body for three hours before leaving the spot.

The trigger-happy 'pyscho killer' made sure that he was dressed only in blue while committing any crime. He believed that the colour brings him luck. He committed his first crime wearing a blue T-shirt, trousers and shoes. Ironically, he was in his favourite colours when the police nabbed him.