Semi nude body of woman start-up founder shocks Mumbai

Deepak Dubey, Mumbai, Dec 12: Discovery of semi-nude body of a 24-year old woman in a high rise building on Monday has sent shock waves across the city. The woman was a startup founder Arpita Tiwari. The body was found on the second floor duct of  Malwani highrise building in suburban Malad under mysterious circumstances. 

Arpita, resident of Mira Road, had recently set up her start-up for events and advertising.  When the incident occured she, with her boyfriend Pankaj Jadhav,  was visiting her friends n the 15th floor of the 19-storey Manavsthal Apartments.   With a bachelor's degree in mass media, she was working as an anchor. Arpita was about to get married. It is still not clear whether Arpita had jumped or had fell from the building. She was declared brought dead when she was rushed to the hospital. There were four persons inside the flat at the time of mishap.

After having dinner Arpita, Pankaj and their friends went to sleep at around 4 am. When one of the friends woke up at 7 am he found that washroom door was closed and Arpita was not in the room. Thinking that Arpita was in washroom, he went back to sleep. However, when he woke up again at around 9am, Arpita was still not there. He then woke up Pankaj and then tried to open the washroom door. Finally they mangaed to do so with a duplicate key. However, Aripta was not there but they saw one of the window panes removed and was lying on the floor.

Subsequently, the friends went searching for Arpita and found her body on the second floor duct. Post mortem report is likely to throw some light on the cause of death.