Select right jewellery for wedding functions

  New Delhi: It is important to choose the right jewellery for occassions like wedding  as one wrong selection and the entire look will go for a toss. Try for large emeralds studded among diamonds in white gold for that cocktail look or opt for gold or yellow gemstones, says an expert.

Manju Kothari, creative director of Entice, shared tips on how one can select jewellery this wedding season.

* Bride can stand out with the classic choice of yellow gold and green gemstones jewellery as it won't get camouflaged with her red bridal outfit which gives her a graceful look.


* For the reception and cocktail evening, one can go for large emeralds studded among diamonds in white gold. Green is also a common choice for cocktail rings with large gemstone in the centre, surrounded by rows of diamonds.


* With blue wearing outfit, accent your green jewellery with a few aquamarines or tanzanite. The blue, green contrast is a sure-shot eye-catcher.


* Jewellery studded with green gemstones complements most of the outfits in tones of reds, pinks, yellows, blues and even blacks. One needs to give attention to minute details like cut of the gemstones, metal colour it is being studded in, colour of the outfit and its embroidery.