Seen Shahid-Mira's cute wedding album? Here it is

New Delhi, Aug 28: The marriage of Actor Shahid Kapoor with Mira Rajput seems more like a fairy tale and one finds it hard to believe that a superstar is so happily married in an arranged marriage set up. At a time, when many marriages in Bollywood are falling apart, like a pack of cards,  Shahid and Mira have almost become a role model for others. Despite the major age difference of nearly 13 years, Mira and Shahid are leading an amazing married life. They look blessed and blissful with each other and proudly accompany each other at big Bollywood parties and other social events. They look awesome together and with every presence they make at various parties together it seems they were destined to be married. Now the beautiful couple is also blessed with a baby girl Misha. 

How the love saga between Shahid and Mira begin?

Shahid Kapoor and his father Pankaj Kapur are followers of the religious sect of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, and Mira's family members also have strong faith in this religious group. Shahid and Mira's family met at Radha Soami Satsang. Shahid's parents went to see Mira at a family friend's house over lunch and Mira had no idea what was unfolding. However, she did notice actor Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak there. Mira later disclosed that she was sitting with her mother and sister over lunch and bashing Bollywood. In the beginning, Mira's family thought that they had come to see Mira for Shahid's younger brother, Ruhaan because there was a huge age difference between Shahid and Mira.

Mira later said, “We met through family. Both our families follow the same path, and so do we. Our path is very important to us, and our faith is very important to us. I think that’s a mutual thing between both of us that we respect in each other. That’s what makes us get along.”

Shahid was open to the idea of arranged marriage. Shahid had witnessed his own parents' marriage fall apart and probably that was the major reason that he wanted a strong marriage which he thought would be possible only in an arranged set-up.

Opening his heart Shahid said, “I had been single for four years. I had looked around enough, wondering if I will find somebody that I will spend my life with. I didn’t find anybody in the people I had around me. […] I was in my 30s and I was like, ‘Okay, I should get married, I should have kids.’ I want all that. My parents separated when I was very young, so it’s something that was very important to me – to settle down, to have a family, to have a solid home. I craved it; I was really lonely. So when they asked if I would like to meet somebody, I was like, why not?

When Shahid and Mira met for the first time: Shahid came to see Mira in Delhi. Shahid said that their families had already met at a common friend's house; later they went to Mira’s friend’s farmhouse to spend time alone and get to know each other. Shahid and Mira spoke for nearly 6-7 hours when they met for the first time. According to Shahid it was a great beginning. 

Shahid revealed, “The first thing I asked her was, why do you want to marry someone so much older than you? And the first answer she gave me was, why do you want to marry someone who’s so much younger than you? That’s worse! So we started off by addressing the elephant in the room. Then we spent 7 hours talking to each other, and we didn’t even realise it. I was like, I sat in a room with a girl 13 and a half years younger than me and we had nothing in common, and we could talk for 7 hours. That was excellent. I thought that was a great start.”

They met approximately 6-7 times and  after that things just drifted along.According to Shahid, he fell in love with Mira when he discovered her pregnancy. He said, “I think that happened right after she got pregnant. We got very close. We also got a lot of time to spend with each other.” 

However, things did not start as beautifully between Shahid and Mira when they met for the first time. Shahid said, “In the beginning we had a lot of speed breakers, because we were strangers. And as much as you try to talk and engage with each other, till the time you don’t start living in the same house, you don’t really know who the other person is. So there was a time for a couple of months where there was this huge vacuum, where we were trying to understand how life’s going to be. You’re pretty much always on good behaviour and conscious. The first two months were like that, then it kind of evaporated and everything became smooth.”

So this is how the love saga began between Shahid and Mira and today they are leading a strong married life with a baby girl. girl and expecting another baby.