See the stylish one-liner of Mumbai Police to congratulate India's victory against Pakistan

Team India wins as fans go crazy New Delhi, News 24 Bureau, June 17: There is a celebration in India, it is the biggest festival, as India punches Pakistan right on its face by winning the cricket match in ICC World Cup match on Sunday.

Few things bring such joyous moment in a country and if you happen to defeat Pakistan, nothing can stop the celebration, it rather multiplies manifold.

Mumbai Police, known for their usage of quirky and smart one-liners, once again sent out a witty tweet congratulating team India post their win against Pakistan in an ICC World Cup match on Sunday.

Lauding the Men in Blue, Mumbai police posted a cryptic message aimed at encouraging people to follow traffic norms.

'Did not we tell you, following the signals always helps?' it wrote, quoting an earlier tweet.

In the previous tweet, the police suggested team India play with full vigour against the Pakistani team.'India, see green? Accelerate. Like you always do,' it had tweeted along with a picture of a green traffic signal.

In India, a traffic signal with the green part lit is seen as a signal that it is safe to go.The police's reaction came soon after Virat Kohli-led team thrashed Pakistan by 89 runs in an ICC World Cup match at the Old Trafford in Manchester, England, on Sunday.

Mumbai police is quite active on social media and put posts, often witty in nature, aimed at spreading awareness on a range of issues including cybercrime, traffic rules etc.

Dark cloud over Manchester’s Old Trafford cricket stadium did not discourage the cricket fans the world over and #IndiaVsPakistan being one of the biggest trend ahead of Sunday’s World Cup clash. And this energy was enhanced many times more  after Pakistan was defeated by India and there was a flood of memes and videos which cannot be missed.

And certainly even as the World Cup will continue, India had its share of glory and joy.