See 5 hot pics of Himesh Reshmaiya new wife Sonia Kapoor

New Delhi, May 12: Himesh Reshmaiya has at last married his long-time girlfriend Sonia Kapoor. Sonam Kapoor is a television actress and since a long time the couple is having a rocking relationship.

It seems it is the season of marriages in Bollywood as many leading celebrities have tied the knot. First it began with Anushka Sharma who married Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli in Italy's Tuscany. After him, it was the turn of Sonam Kapoor who got married with Anand Ahuaja and the Neha Dhupia who also settled down with her boyfriend Angad Bedi.Now, according to reports Himesh Reshami too has tied the knot and married Sonia Kapoor. The couple reportedly got hitched on their terrace.Earlier, the music composer-singer was granted divorce from Komal, his wife of over two decades, by a court here. He said  the decision to separate was amicable.

"Sometimes in life, mutual respect becomes most important and giving due respect to our relationship I and Komal have amicably decided to part ways legally as husband and wife and there is no problem whatsoever with this decision amongst us and our family, as every member of the family have respected our decision," Himesh said in a statement.

Himesh also said Komal "is and will always remain a part of my family"."And I will always be a part of her family," he added.They have a son named Swayam.

The news of their separation first came to light in September 2016 when they filed for divorce.Komal said there's mutual respect between them."There are compatibility issues in our marriage, but we respect each other immensely," Komal said.