Secret US plan to kill Baghdadi..Trump nod soon

  New York: The Pentagon has sent the White House a preliminary plan to defeat the Islamic State (IS), a spokesman said without providing details about the plan.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis on Monday was quoted by Xinhua news agency as saying that the plan is a framework for a broader plan to defeat the IS extremists, and the details of the draft are classified secret.

The draft plan came about a month after the US President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to come up with a plan to defeat the IS. He has repeatedly criticised the Obama administration for failing to stop the extremist group during last year's campaign.

On January 21 in his first official visit to the Central Intelligence Agency, Trump vowed that "radical Islamic terrorism" has to be eradicated "right now."  

Trump described "radical Islamic terrorism" as "evil" unseen before, adding that it should be "eradicated just off the face of the earth."