Scott Eastwood off dating post girlfriend's death

Los Angeles: Actor Scott Eastwood finds it difficult to date anyone ever since the death of his girlfriend in a car accident. The 30-year-old, who will soon be seen on the cover of GQ magazine, believes that it might be easy to fall in love, but the feelings can also leave you quickly, reports "I dated a girl a couple of years ago who died in a car accident. The f**ked up thing is, it was a fender bender, and there was a recall on airbags. Her airbag exploded. It shot a projectile through her body. It split her spine, and... I've never told anybody that,” the son of actor Clint Eastwood recalled. "I've lost friends before; I've lost some great friends. But, I had never lost someone I had been really intimate with. Maybe it's made it harder for me to date. "It's easy to fall in love when you're young, right? And then you start to realize those feelings of love and stuff, passion, love, lust, sometimes they come very quickly, but they can also leave quickly,” he added. IANS