Scary situation..Check your cash, another ATM gives `churanwala' notes

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will surely be very annoyed after rising incidents of fake notes. What’s worse is the fact that now fakes are being dispensed from ATMs. In yet another incident, a ATM in Meerut dished out fake Rs 2,000 notes. This is third such incident after one each in Delhi and Haryana.

Like in Delhi and Haryana, Meerut’s Punjab National bank gave out notes bearing the name  Children Bank of India, instead of Reserve Bank of India.

The latest incident happened in the Tejgarrhi Chauraha area of Meerut. Sunil Dutt Sharma  took out Rs 10,000 from ATM, and kept the five Rs 2,000 notes in his pocket and went away. Later, when he paid his milkman, he realised that what ATM gave him were ‘chooranwala’ notes.

"I had gone to withdraw Rs 10,000 from a PNB ATM in Meerut's Tejgarhi area on February 24afternoon. The ATM dispensed five notes of Rs 2,000, which I took home. In the evening on February 24, I gave one Rs 2,000 note to my milkman, but he brought it back to me on February 25 morning saying I had given him a fake note. He said that he did not take payment from anybody else that day and the only Rs 2,000 he had was given by me. This was one of the five notes dispensed by the ATM,” Sharma was quoted as saying.

Sharma took up the matter with the Mangal Pandey Nagar branch of the PNB. The officials there are doubting  Sharma’s claim. Officials say the matter is being investigated, and the CCTV footage of the ATM is being scanned, and complaint will be registered only after the investigations are over.