Scary.. Another ATM gives fake note

Rohtak, Feb 26: The fake note dispensed by an ATM in Delhi on February 22 is no longer an isolated incident. A similar note of the 'Children Bank of India' has been dispensed by an ATM of ICICI Bank in Rohtak's Meham town, causing apprehension of the possibility of a larger scam. 

According to a report in The Times of India, a Haryana police constable Raj Kumar received a fake Rs 2,000 note from an ICICI ATM in a town called Mehram in Rohtak when he withdrew Rs 6,000 on February 23. He later informed the police about the fake note incident.

Apart from 'Children Bank of India', the bank also read 'Ek Kadam Swachhta ki Aur' and 'Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank'.Apart from this incident, there have been two other similar independent instances where fake Rs 2000 notes bearing the aforementioned text have been dispensed from ATMs.In the Mehram incident, Kumar who had allegedly withdrawn money for the first time from the ATM since demonetization, said "the fake note looked genuine and realised that something was not right only after careful examination," the report said.The guarantor on the note is 'Children Government' and it promises to pay the bearer 2,000 coupons.Kumar has since filed a police complaint in Mehram police station whose assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Sunder Pal said they hadn't spoken to the bank authorities because of the bank holiday and the weekend, the TOI report said.