Scared of speaking to controversy-seeking Delhi media: Parrikar

Panaji:The media in Delhi is always on the lookout for something controversial, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Saturday, adding that it makes it difficult for him to even crack a joke while in the national capital. "In Delhi I feel scared, because the media there take the wrong meaning even if you crack a joke and create confusion because they are watching (for) something controversial," Parrikar said while speaking at the 50th golden jubilee celebrations of the Goa Engineering College. The Defence Minister, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, also followed his critique of the national media with a joke he had first cracked in 2012 while inaugurating a women's hostel. "I remember in 2012, I was present at the inauguration of a girl's hostel. And my first sentence was that finally after 30-40 years, the dream of entering a ladies hostel came true," Parrikar said adding jocularly that it was also the "dream of every IIT student".