SBI account holders do this by Nov 30 or you will be cashless

New Delhi, Nov 29: If you are a user of Internet Banking and a customer of State Bank of India (SBI) you will not be able to access your bank account via internet banking. Yes, but this will happen only when if you do not link your phone number with your bank account by November 30.SBI informed its customers, "As per RBI advisory, it is mandatory to register your mobile number to avail internet banking services. Please register your mobile number by 30.11.2018, failing which your internet banking access will be deactivated/blocked w.e.f from 01.12.2018."If you want your net banking rights back then you have to visit your nearest branch and request the linking of your mobile number with your SBI bank account after December 1.If you are confused about whether your mobile number is linked to your Internet Banking or not. Then you can check this yourself by logging on to the SBI website. Here are the steps:1.Log on to the internet banking services2. Click on My Accounts and visit the Profile tab3. Click on Profile and go to Personal Details/Mobile4.Enter the Profile password5.If the phone number is linked then it will be displayed on the screen. If the number is not registered then visit the nearest branchSBI has also informed its customers that it will be exchanging older magstrip debit cards with the newer EMV (named after its original developers Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip ones at no cost. Magstrip debit cards are easier to clone and could be used for fraudulent transactions.

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