'Saw my NCP vote stolen by BJP' .... Pawar's fresh salvo against EVMs

New Delhi, May 10: NCP chief Sharad Pawar has reiterated a long standing allegation of the opposition parties against the electronic voting machines (EVM), asserting that he has himself witnessed a vote cast by him in favour of his own party being transferred to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Several opposition leaders have alleged that the EVMs can be tampered with, accusing the ruling BJP of using this flaw in the machine to unfairly influence election results across the country.

"I am also concerned about the machine. I have witnessed it happening myself," Pawar told reporters during a function in Maharashtra's Satara district on Thursday.

"Some people kept an EVM before me in Hyderabad and Gujarat and asked me to press a button. I pressed the button against 'watch' (the NCP's symbol) and the vote got cast in favour of 'lotus' (the BJP's symbol)","he added.

The former defence minister, however, sought to clarify his comments, asserting that he did not claim that all EVMs function in such a manner.

Pawar also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his allegations of corruption and involvement in the 1984 riots against former incumbent Rajiv Gandhi.

“It does not behove the Prime Minister to stoop low and make such remarks about a person who isn’t alive,” Pawar said.

“Rajiv Gandhi’s death was heart-wrenching. Gandhi family has given two PMs to the nation. Both of them were assassinated. The family has made such a big sacrifice for the nation. It does not behove (the PM) to use such language,” he added.

“What is he (Modi) talking? What level is he stooping to? This is unfortunate.”

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