Sarah Jessica Parker's family cuts toenails together

Los Angeles: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker says her family cuts toenails together on Sundays. The "Sex and the City" star, who has her own SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker footwear line, admits donning high heels on a regular basis has taken its toll on her feet, but rather than seeking professional pedicures, she prefers to tend to her feet herself, reports "I've asked a lot of my feet for a lot of years, and they've been really good to me. I put on moisturiser and use a pumice," Parker said. "I don't have a pedicure unless someone makes me for work, but I clip my own nails, and I always have a good nail clipper. Every Sunday night we clip nails in our house. We call it 'Clip Clip night'," she added. "Beyond that I don't do too much."