Sara and Janhvi's BIG FIGHT!

New Delhi, Nov 20: Where Sara Ali Khan ditched making a debut in Karan Johar's production with him delaying his plans, Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter's debut in Karan's Dhadak has taken the internet by storm. It was filmmaker Karan who made sure that the news about his upcoming flick makes a big noise in Bollywood than Sara's Kedarnath.

Sairat remake, Dhadak has undoubtedly excited the fans with its multiple posters and amazing first looks and it is no doubt that the stress has been taking over Sara with her clash with bestie, Janhvi.

However, a report suggested “Her friends and peer group are talking about how good Janhvi’s look in the poster with Ishaan Khatter is. Despite Sara having a bigger co-star in the form of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kedarnath is not much on the radar. Sara has been so stressed that producer Ekta Kapoor took her to a temple to calm her frayed nerves. Amrita also has been a bit stressed, and hence has had a discussion with director Abhishek Kapoor as well. He spoke to the mother and daughter, explaining that in the end, only a good film will make a difference.”