Sanjay Dutt feels good about this actor..find out!

New Delhi: Sanjay Dutt, recently opened up about his struggle with drug abuse. Talking about his struggle with drugs, the actor said, "I was among the lucky few who could be sent out of the country to a rehab centre in the US but how many families can afford that? So, we should have facilities for them here and I'd like to go out there and talk to these girls and boys, rich and poor. Maybe I can be an inspiration because if I could get out of it, anybody can."

Sanjay is currently shooting for 'Bhoomi' in Agra, his first film post the completion of his jail term, was happy being on the sets again. "For 25 years I worked under stress, now finally the pressure is off my head and thank God for that. It's beautiful!" the actor said.

When asked about Ranbir Kapoor stepping into his shoes for the 'Dutt' biopic, the actor said, "It feels good to see Ranbir and know that a biopic is being made on me. I think it's been an interesting life."