Salman's brother is dating this girl!

Noida: Usually, young brother follow the elder one but its all different in the case of Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan and it seems Arbaaz is following Salman's footsteps when he agreed that he is dating a Romanian beauty. However, he feels that there is a long way to go.

It seems that both brothers have a weakness for Romanian girls. 

Arbaaz confirmed his new relationship when he introduced his Romanian girlfriend Alexandria Camelia on social media.

Earlier, there were also rumors that Arbaaz was dating his Goa-based friend Yellow. Arbaaz and Yellow were in the headlines when both were spotted enjoying vacations in Goa.  But later on, Arbaaz made it clear saying that she

was just a friend whom I meet when I go to Goa. She owns a restaurant.

Arbaaz and Alexandria have been friends for over 6 months and the actor likes to share pictures with Alexandria which he started since September 2016. 

In this photo where Arbaaz poses with his new girlfriend Alexandria Camelia. But the actor didn't reveal too much about her. 

Earlier, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora, who had been married for 18 years, have decided to end their marriage. 

But with this new revelation about Arbaaz's new love, it confirms that both have moved on in their lives.