Salman shamed...Being Human blacklisted for fraud

New Delhi, Feb 15: Controversy and Salman Khan go hand in hand. Hardly a week passes and the super-hit Khan is in news, for right reasons and also for wrong ones. The latest one may shock the fans who swear by Sultan's NGO Being Human. Everybody knows that Salman Khan is a kind-hearted star who does not shy away from lending a helping hand to both friends and strangers alike.  But this time he has been caught on a wrong-foot.  Salman Khan's NGO Being Human has failed in its commitment of setting up concessional dialysis units in Bandra over a year after being allotted the project.

A civil official in a statement said “Being Human, which was shortlisted for running the dialysis center at Bandra (West), had paid the bank guarantee and was granted all the necessary permissions to go ahead with the project. But with the project not taking off, we have issued them a show-cause notice warning that they would be blacklisted,”

Loretta Lewis, a representative from Being Human, said in an email statement. “The Being Human Foundation has certain mandatory requirements which need to be included in contracts. There were discussions around those which ultimately did not materialise. There was no formal contract/MoU signed at all.” Knowing how benevolent Salman is, the fans will heave a sigh of relief if the misunderstanding is sorted out at earliest as the intentions of neither of them appear malicious. News24Bureau