Salman refuses to KISS Katrina!

New Delhi, Nov 8: It is very well-known that Salman Khan has his no kissing rule on screen strong ever since his entry in Bollywood. However, reports now suggest that the actor led director Ali Abbas Zafar to eliminate an intimate sequence from Tiger Zinda Hai. 

According to the reports, the sequence was vital to the plot of the script and hence, the makers couldn't convince Salman's decision. "Director Ali Abbas Zafar tried his best to convince him. However, nothing worked."

"Everyone felt that just this one time, just once, Salman would break his no-kissing code because the sequence is vital to the plot and also because, well, it's Katrina. But Salman refused outright," the report adds.

Some reports earlier stated that Salman abstains from intimate scenes because the idea of his mother Salma Khan watching him kiss on screen makes him uncomfortable.

Director Ali states "When I wrote this film, it wasn't like a sequel. I first wrote the story and felt it was worth telling. I thought since it's about two agents - and we already had a film about two agents with Salman and Katrina - I'll merge these two in this story so that it becomes a story of two characters which people already know," 

Tiger Zinda Hai is scheduled to hit screens on December 22.